eBook: Cancer immunology

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In this eBook on cancer immunology, we will explore some of the foundational research into cancer immunology, the models required to explore them and the development of immunotherapies. This eBook will also highlight the techniques involved and optimum workflows for use in the study of cancer immunology.

This eBook includes:

  • Opinion - How is cancer immunology being utilized in the fight against cancer?
  • White Paper - Revolutionary Insight Into Cancer Hallmarks With Real-Time Live-Cell Analysis
  • Report - 2D and 3D in vitro assays to quantify the invasive behavior of glioblastoma stem cells in response to SDF-1alpha
  • Report - Isolation of spheroid-forming single cells from gastric cancer cell lines: enrichment of cancer stem-like cells
  • White Paper - Ten Applications of Live-Cell Analysis in Immunology
  • Review - Implications of T cell receptor biology on the development of new T cell therapies for cancer
  • Expert Opinion - Empowering chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy with CRISPR
  • White Paper - The Evolution of Immune Cell Killing Assays Using Live-Cell Analysis
  • Application Note - Real-Time Quantification of Cell Cycle Phase in Live-Cell Models